Hard at Work or Hardly Working?

August 5, 2010

Of course we've been working hard! Was it even a question? For those of you wondering what we've been putting our time into since we launched the "gamified" version of DevHub, here's a quick update.

Daniel hard at work

Remember, for most of you this will be an overview since this info has come out in our weekly newsletter, DevHub Times. But for those of you have skipped over this weekly treat your inbox (shame on you!), we're offering another chance.

-Multi-Authoring: This gives you, our users, the ability to invite trusted friends to a specific site for collaboration, guest-blogging, etc.

-Leaderboards: What's a game without a leaderboard? Now you can see where you rank overall in XP and coins. Are you in the top 20?

-Referral Dashboard: Ever wonder who is signing up from your referral link? Well, wonder no more! Now you can see all of your sign-ups and the sites they've made on DevHub.

-Twitter/ Facebook Posts: Now you don't have to leave DevHub to post to your Facebook or Twiiter accounts.

-New Themes: Since launch, we've added 4 great new themes to the Marketplace. They can be bought with coins or DevHub dollars.

-New and Upgraded Modules:  Along with the new themes, we've also been working on our modules. We've added the Paypal Donate button and upgraded the Amazon module so you can drill down to specific products and more. Check it out.

-Invite Facebook Friends: We added the ability to invite your friends to join your DevHub empire directly from Facebook.

-Brand Free: For those people who don't want any trace of DevHub involvement on their website, they can pay a small yearly fee per site.

Long story short, we've been busy adding new features continually to make the experience better for you. We don't have any plans of stopping either, so make sure you drop us a lone if you have any suggestions.

Until next time,