Hard Stop for Google Expanded Text Ads

August 25, 2016

Our previous coverage here, here, here, here, here on Google Expanded Text Ad update has fueled a significant amount of in-bounds related to How DevHub solves for Proxy URL depreciation.

We had several inquiries this week from potential customers who said Google denied their extension and now are forced to come up with a solution by October 26th

Because of the nature of the changes to the ad (URL auto-extraction), it will be impossible to request continued white-listing. 

However DevHub can be rolled out with a more sustainable long-term conversation starting with proxy migration.

Utilizing either DevHub's Landing Page / Proxy solutions both will support flexible URL options. 

With our migration tech, we are able to match sites/ landing pages 100% so our customers can run their business as usual and their end customers do not notice the difference. Unifying all disparate landing page campaigns, websites, vertical specific solutions on DevHub is easy and safe; which allows marketing teams do what they do best...execute with results! 

Continue your growth!