Having More Landing Pages Could be the Solution

August 7, 2017

When experiencing low conversion rates, brands tend to focus more on the quality of their landing pages, but forget to question whether their landing pages are reaching enough consumers for these conversions to happen. 

It’s time for brands to rethink how to scale their lead generation efforts.
Studies show that businesses with 10-15 landing pages have increased conversions by 55% over businesses with less than 10 landing pages. These conversions increase by over 500% for businesses with more than 40 landing pages.
Having a high number of landing pages does more than just increase conversion rates and generating more leads.
Here are some benefits:
More conversion opportunities – more landing pages means a higher chance that visitors convert
Higher variety of offers for your visitors – more landing pages means more ways to appeal to your visitors’ interests
More targeting opportunities – more landing pages can help generate more data about the incoming traffic (location, interests, search activity, etc.)
More inbound marketing opportunities – more landing pages means more places to display your social media links, promotions, contests, and more
When it comes to landing pages, quantity is just as important as quality.
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