Healthcare CMS

October 22, 2018

healthcare multisite multi location solutions

DevHub partnered with Optima to provide multi-website and multi location based solutions. 

Why Optima?

One of the fastest growing sectors today is the healthcare industry, a fact that reflects directly on the multiplying number of websites for hospitals, clinics, group practices, and treatment centers located in some of the most important parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia.

However, this exponential growth may cause things to become a bit difficult to manage, which is why, Optima created the world's leading multi website / multi location web platform to help healthcare providers to keep things in order, especially when it comes to patient care and information.

Additionally, because we understand how important security, HIPAA compliance and GDPR protocols are to you, the healthcare provider, the Optima platform incorporates easy to publish websites that combine these important measures, resulting in state of the art security that will provide the best patient experience, driving more and more people to your site.

Think of Experience. Think Optima.

Optima's vast experience includes the hosting and deployment of well over 100,000+ websites and landing pages, from Fortune 50 brands and other leading names in the world.

In essence, our experience speaks for itself. Our name is a guarantee of quality, safety, and compliance with all applicable legal dispositions on the subject. Optima, continues improving, and will always stay ahead of the pack by providing top notch, state of the art technology to our valued clients, while also making it easy for them to create beautifully streamlined websites that will catch the eye of those in search of healthcare services.

As the world's leading builder and hosting service for websites and landing pages for hospitals, clinics, treatment centers, and medical specialists, our mission is to continue offering the highest quality in service to our new and continued customers, while helping build businesses that are dedicated to the most noble mission of all: that of the health of millions.

Making Migration Easy

Having multiple sites hosted on different platforms can quickly turn into a confusing mess, and can even lead to breaches in security that could affect visitors to your websites. To counteract this we offer easy migration for your existing sites, whether you have only one, or a hundred, as well as the seamless consolidation of all your sites onto a single platform, one that you will come to love and consider to be just like home: the Optima platform.

Switching platforms and migrating your website is made easy with the tools we offer, and can be achieved in as little as 30 days. Because we understand that security is foremost on your mind, we will always ensure your data is migrated in the safest and most secure manner, a promise that becomes a guarantee of integrity and professionalism when it comes down to what matters to you the most.

At Optima we work hard to maintain and improve your public image and we will always make sure to keep your needs at the top of our list of priorities. So, when it comes to consolidating all your websites, hosting your site, maintaining security, and complying with all applicable laws to boost customer satisfaction, Optima will place the newest and most reliable options at your fingertips. The time has come to show the world how far you have come. The time has come to switch to Optima.