How to Bid on an RFP Part 1

April 10, 2017

Cover Letter for RFP Bidding
Thank you kindly for the invitation in bidding for Website Platform RFP.  

We’ve worked extensively with your teams over the past years.  Our platform is currently used by your XXXX team to produce high-conversion Landing Pages.  There are approximately 2500 live sites today.  We believe that it runs a healthy $9-12 million revenue stream for XXXX.  Your team currently has access and is fully trained on DevHub.  As well, we’ve executed a test to seamlessly migrate your existing websites off of your current platform.  We used our proprietary tech to migrate, make mobile responsive, and embed with full analytics tracking.  Our tech runs approximately 700+ sites through migration per hour, getting our clients off old platforms and onto a future proofed and multi-dimensional platform that can serve many of their lines of business, without any business interruption.

We will complete and submit the RFP docs prior to the due date.  Thank you for the opportunity and consideration.

I am always available to you XXXXX, as you do the due diligence on finances, management team, existing North American based Enterprise clients, existing North American based hardware, disaster recover plans, references, tech stack, roadmap, extended integration partners, Local/National/Franchise products, etc. in order to insure that the move is incremental in value and future proofed to the needs of XXXX, their channel, and markets.

Please feel free to reach out during this process as items come up.

Back to you shortly.