How to Build Multiple Profile Landing Pages

August 22, 2018

Looking to build individual landing pages for real estate agents, insurance brokers, financial planners, authors, gurus, trainers, industry leaders? Profile landing pages are used to better position an individual's respective authority, product or accreditation and adds scale to the organizations footprint on the web. These types of pages can include elements for bullet points, testimonials, products, some type of lead capture i.e. form fill or click to call.

Here are three simple steps to take when building individual profile pages.

Step 1: Create the branded template design

Decide where you want the logo, picture, content and CTA (call to action) to appear on the profile page. By setting up the branded template - your organization can control the look and feel across many landing pages.

Step 2: Map to Google Sheet
Using the elements above (logo, picture, content, CTA...etc) - DevHub will automatically map the individual fields to a Google Sheet.

Step 3: Set the domain path
Publish 10s, 100s or 1000s of unique profiles pages using our landing page generator by filling in the content above and setting the domain path i.e. where the profile pages will live - below are 4 examples you can choose from -



Central Domain with Branded Subdomains

Individual Domains for Each Profile Page

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