How We Did It

January 6, 2017

HARD WORK: the real story.

Does luck play a roll in creating wins and opening markets?  Not according to us.  

In lighting fast tech its easy to get disillusioned with big numbers i.e. building a billion dollar business or creating a billion dollar market.  Between those "lucky ones" are the rest of us the Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, Concur - whose founders grinded it out for years only to see their story told as if it happened in a matter of weeks versus the grueling 8+ years it actually took.

June 2016 was the pivotal moment in DevHub's story.  Web standards, Google, User Behavior (mobile), and Security were/are changing so fast that not only does managing the threats and opportunities become daunting - but anything done at scale (10+) becomes so time consuming....its almost impossible.  DevHub was ready and we had to tell the world! So we did.  

Beginning in June we have relayed a constant feedback loop or 'pulse,' to our customers and prospective customers about anything we do, hear and see across our vast customer base/use cases and that is the wave we are riding heading into 2017.

Here is some of what we saw in 2016 and what we expect to see more of in 2017:

For 2017 here is what we are already rolling out:

Stay tuned!