In the last 7 years

September 8, 2016

In the last 7 years there has been more than 14 security exploits with Wordpress.

In the last 7 years DevHub has had zero.

Learn how DevHub is the best solution for managing multiple websites in one place. We think the figures make a point. To comfortably scale digital experiences DevHub is the safest option. 

DevHub emerged from our customer’s need for a single CMS to handle all aspects of web presence. Even single page websites and landing pages needed to be secure. 

Besides the security, DevHub gives you full control of theme designing to permission level access

There’s a reason digital marketing companies, ad agencies, national brands, performance marketing companies, media companies and technology companies choose DevHub. Control and scalability. Plus all the added protections of security monitoring and guaranteed up-times. Workflow optimization. Production efficiency. Vertical specific solutions. And so on. 

In the CMS landscape, the better execution at scale has always been DevHub. For instance when DevHub rolls out 100+ unique local sites for a national brand yet gives access to local operators to manage their own content. Features like a drag and drop builder. Internationalization. Video training guides. When it comes to scaling multiple websites safely and securely, nobody does it like DevHub...its a mindset.