International Business Listing Syndication Via NavAds

August 26, 2016

Over the years we have expanded our footprint globally. Today DevHub operates in 6 countries and 7 different time zones. As foundational digital experiences are built on DevHub the next logical step is get end-user businesses found...enter NavAds!  We found NavAds to have the most complete solution for content ingestion into the leading mapping databases. 

3 ways NavAds is unique:

  • Strategic - relationships with TomTom, Apple, HERE and Google.
  • One Stop - service to ensure that location content is pushed directly into mapping databases.
  • Local Marketing - ensures optimal customer visibility in mainstream navigation devices.

DevHub currently works with a several business listing management companies...however the breadth and quality NavAds provides especially at the international level is something we think our customers will lbenefit from.

NavAds is truly future proof.

Contact DevHub to learn more about International Business Listing management.