Interviews | Start Up Tips | DevHub (Transcribed)

March 30, 2020

Thank you Cedric.

Hey everyone, thank you for watching this video

If you don't know yet, my name is Mark Michael.

Co-founder CEO of DevHub.

In the last week, we started a video series called startup tips.

And you know, as I share my experience.

I've always found it best to learn from people who have been there done that kind of before us.

Which helps people who have maybe not been there yet kind of go through,

maybe those motions of whatever it is related to their, you know, their own company.

So this video is calling on all CEOs, founders, product managers, legit entrepreneurs, legit sales peeps.

And you know who you are when you hear the word legit.

Legit heads of any department within companies to come on this format here

Google Hangouts, we're recording it via screen share.

And just share. 

I have a bunch of random questions for you totally candid conversation.

If you want a polished interview, you know, this is not 60 minutes.

This is Google Hangout.

So join me on this startup tip series.

We can schedule the first interview as quickly as tomorrow.

Just send me a DM via LinkedIn or my email

Subject line interview. 

Look forward to having you on and let's have fun this month.


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