Local Pages for DevHub's Partners: What the Product is and its Value, Who the Customers Are, and Why it's Better than the Competition

January 26, 2021


What’s a Local Page? 

How often do you look for directions to a business in your neighborhood? 

  • For hours of operations?
  • For phone numbers?
  • How often do you turn to Google to find businesses in your area when a need arises? How do you choose the one to call or visit?
  • How annoyed do you get when the information you’re looking for (hours, phone numbers, reviews) isn’t available in the right panel on a Google Results Page?
  • When you do find that panel, how often do you click-through on the website button to ensure the business looks legitimate?

A Local Page is the online destination for most consumers looking for a business and wants answers to all of the questions above. Quite simply, a Local Page is the web page on your website that publishes accurate and up-to-date addresses, hours, services, and any other unique-to-that-location’s pieces of information for each of your brick-and-mortar locations. 

Sounds easy to do, but in practice, keeping this high-traffic page up-to-date and accessible can be challenging for most. Reasons can range from bandwidth, an inflexible CMS, or plain difficulty in making updates to static pages. Most might even think their Local Pages are fine as-is, but are they really? More info about Local Pages here.


Qualifying brands and businesses for Local Pages

When our partners ask us how they can qualify prospective customers, here’s what we tell them to ask and the answers they should look for:

 Does the brand or business have more than 20+ locations or planning to grow their number of locations?

DevHub’s Local Pages are built to scale, if the business doesn’t have many locations our Local Pages solution might be overkill for them

Are the client’s Local Pages optimized for mobile? 

They should be - 52% of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices and roughly ⅓ of all mobile Google searches are related to location

Are the client’s Local Pages designed to deliver a localized customer experience for each of their businesses’ locations? 

Local Pages are a customer experience opportunity and should be taken advantage of. 51% of people want location-based coupons when searching online.

Do the client’s Local Pages require visitors to click through various links to uncover relevant details about their business' locations?

Getting directions should be easy. 86% of people look up business locations on Google Maps,1 so your address data should be optimized as the authoritative source for accurate, up-to-date location information.

Sources: 1.“Google Local Pack Statistics 2020 (18 Local SEO Stats That Will Blow You Away), Sagapixel, 2020; 2. “27 Google Search Statistics You Should Know in 2019 (+ Insights!)”, Wordstream, 2020; 3. “8 Super-Fascinating Digital Marketing Stats Revealed at SMX East”, WordStream, 2019

DevHub’s Advantages Over the Competition

  • Brand safe - DevHub Local Pages can sync with a corporate website’s branding, look, and feel without needing access to the CMS.
  • Personalization - delivers on the promise of personalizing the online experience for each and every one of their physical locations 
  • Easy to use - All physical locations for a brand or a franchise can have each and every one of their individual location pages managed from a spreadsheet

Want to find out more? Email whitelabel@devhub.com to schedule a demo or contact us here.