Localized Presence At Scale

January 24, 2017

Getting to the consumer early on the search experience, is far from a new idea. As more consumers are searching via their mobile device - the lack of time involved in the purchasing decision shrinks. When was the last time you clicked on the 2nd page of Google from your mobile device?

Companies that distribute tailored presence to the local web browsing audience will win market share. Delivering this win with DevHub is easy. Managers are now understanding the importance of winning early and leveraging national brands ‘brand,’ at the local market.

Suppose you represent ‘H&R block,’ during tax season. With DevHub marketing managers can roll out hundreds or thousands of unique landing pages driving local consumers to the appropriate offices. As the tax filing deadline approaches - managers can deploy offers counting down the days to file taxes and leverage macros to adapt landing pages to the offer. For managers this level of control across 100s of sites was cumbersome - before DevHub.

Learn how DevHub works with managers to take brands local by creating the ideal localized landing pages.