Mark Michael and Daniel Rust: DevHub

October 10, 2016

Daniel Rust (left) and Mark Michael (right) co-Founder of DevHub

DevHub is based in Seattle, WA. Ran by two wildly different personalities Mark Michael (bold) and Daniel Rust (wickedly smart) began their careers together in high school. They’ve had the real business world experience you won’t get out of a text book. The pair now have major success in their sights with a combined 45 clients both state-side and globally; their mission now - GROW FASTER!

Where and how do you grow?
Mark Michael: We tell our story loudly; we are now a constant presence on LinkedIn, our blog is 100% up-to-date, we are adding new integration partners every Friday. We are getting traction with agencies and marketing companies but we really want to move upstream to large enterprise- hello, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Deloitte ;) At the end of the day I get people excited about DevHub’s possibilities while Daniel shows them exactly how it's possible. 

How do you keep the technology up to date? 
Daniel Rust: I read and practice a lot. I’ve never sat idle and said this is perfect there is always a better way to do something, so we do it. We adapt and in a lot of cases we are ahead of the curve; half of our customers do not use all the capabilities of what DevHub does. There’s almost no point where a customer should be running multiple platforms when most platforms can be integrated into DevHub in the first place. 

How are you able to manage clients across the globe?
DR: Our server architecture is such that spinning up new nodes and servers is literally like flipping a switch. Our use of Zendesk tracks and notifies the DevHub team based on our guaranteed SLAs and uptime commitments. 

What’s the DevHub mindset?
MM: DO IT ALL! It’s very intellectual actually because everyone tries to put us in a bucket i.e. devhub is great for landing pages; yes we are...but you can also power proxy sites, corporate sites and plugins from the same dashboard. So why not be different and have only one throat to choke ;) use us.