Mark’s POV: Putting “Data” to Work

February 7, 2021

Data equals the right information at the right moment for data powered experiences

All day, every day I hear about data from our partners and colleagues, i.e. “data collection, data marketing, big data, data privacy, etc.” and it got me thinking about how DevHub uses data. Smart use of data is one of our values, and our partners tout that value when they’re pitching our services.

What’s the value? Why do we care about data so much?

Data tells a story

From how effective a candidate’s message is resonating to what a consumer is likely to buy. The data may not be organized, or readily available, but whatever that battle may be, the truth is that the data does exist, whether you are capturing it or not. 

Take a step back

What’s important to you about a project that you’re working on now? How do you define success?
- The items you identify as important or defining are data points.
What’s important to a consumer when deciding where to shop?
- Convenience, proximity, availability, all are data points too.

What does a consumer value when making a decision about which brand to purchase? It could be a benefit, a feature, a price, or even a cause.

All of the above are critical data points that drive action and it’s up to the brand/business to make that data accessible to its consumers at the right time, and in the right place.

It can be as simple as displaying the address of your brick-and-mortar location at the top of your web page to benefit the person that got there via a “Near Me” search on Google. It can be as complex as capturing all of the actions a consumer takes until they ultimately buy, starting with a Google search, to comparing competitors, to reading reviews.

Understanding the valuable bits of data you need to provide during that consumer journey is the challenge

Data is disparate, lives in different systems, and in general, can be very overwhelming when sifting through all of the available, various data points you can collect and focusing on the ones that provide the most value.

Uncovering, centralizing, and putting that data to work is something I’m realizing we don’t speak enough about at DevHub, and we should be! We’re really great at it for so many different applications, not just Local Pages.

Leverage data to build a unique, value-first consumer experience, and use DevHub to do it. Here’s a quick list of how we serve different verticals with Data Powered Experiences:

How DevHub Builds Data-Powered Experiences for Different Verticals

Healthcare Vertical

Dynamically detects a visitors location
Headlines and photos change based on detected regional area (i.e. states or cities) to provide regional specific info
Uses that info to locate the nearest doctor to them that has opted into that particular promotion
Call-to-actions and content reflect the closest doctor - Examples: phone call, patient reviews, make an appointment link
Also shows the next 3 nearest doctors as alternate selections

Automotive Vertical

One dynamic landing page that:
Makes multiple promotions available in the same template, and can be changed based on advertising campaign parameters (UTM)
Dynamically detects a visitor’s location
Uses that info in combination with the promotion to locate the nearest dealer to them that has opted into that particular promotion
Call-to-action routes intake forms/emails/appointment scheduling to the closest dealer
Pricing shown is specific to the particular dealer via an inventory feed
Also shows the next 3 nearest dealers as alternate selections

Recruitment Vertical

One dynamic landing page that:
Has campaign content
Dynamically detects a visitors location
Uses that location to show the recruiter photo and contact information that is closest to them
Inquiry forms get routed to a CRM and assigned to the recruiter automatically

The right data = right experience at the right moment.
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