Meet DevHub; Added Value Partner And A New Revenue Stream

September 27, 2016

Preface: We are on our 8th year of operating DevHub; it has never been more fun. The market is screaming for a robust “Do It All’ multi-site CMS and DevHub is that tried-and-tested protocol. 


There is a path to follow when you need to create hundreds or thousands of sites. It’s simple: DevHub creates the protocol; you create the sites, landing pages, regional sites and more. What does this mean for you? Take a look at the amount of time you need to spend as a function of the number of sites, landing pages etc that you build. 


Today, DevHub sits between website builder and CMS. With DevHub, there is an initial investment to get everything up and running, however once that is done you can create and deploy an unlimited number of sites or landing pages essentially by just adding a few rows to a database. Many of our current clients hit that breaking point and realized there must be a better way of building things. DevHub is that better way. 

To see DevHub in action take a look at some of the problems we have solved (we are just getting started)...from agencies looking at unifying a disparate client, national brands looking to create local sites controlled by local managers, media companies looking to offer digital products to their small business customers, regional companies looking to offer a vertical solution and technology providers who are looking to complete their product story/ funnel.

STARTING AT SCALE: We know that 'platform migration' or 'replatforming' can be a dirty word; we also know that these exercises can also help your organization better adapt to market demands, Google's whims, and security issues, it is a defining decision for any team/ org and DevHub is your partner for the long haul. Reduce cost and production inefficiencies, maintaining SEO, giving more flexibility to small businesses, modernizing platform and introducing new products are all reasons for doing a platform migration.

RUNNING AN AGENCY: DevHub is the world’s most complete, open and integrated web experience platform in the market; and we have the industry knowledge to support best practices for our users. DevHub provides the complete technology stack – engineering, utilization, customization, training and support SLA’s at every level of use. DevHub is optimized to scale with your demands and integrate with vetted vendors. So the last thing you are worried about is “are sites up?”


• DevHub works with you to scope the project, select the best strategy, define goals/ objectives and define cost and timelines. 

• The DevHub team will carefully analyze your current workflows and possible constraints such as: partnerships, resources, road maps, dependencies, and operational requirements. 

• When appropriate, DevHub will build a proposal that includes timeline, service level agreements and cost. 

We work together, we design together to get results for customers and teams.