March 29, 2017

Last week we had our 1st QTR Board meeting. It was very positive. The question came up - What MOATS are Built so that DevHub can last? Off the bat we named 3 - consistent innovation to the platform, staying agnostic to partner integrations and keeping the dev team small enough to make rapid updates/ efficiencies without the bureaucratic process. Those are just 3 of the 12 built into the DevHub platform. 

Did you know that once a customer has been fully on-boarded to the DevHub platform - they have remained a customer - period. 

We see DevHub as a standard for the mass management of sites - you do not know you need us until you realize managing 20 landing pages across different URLs should not be that hard. And yes, landing pages are foundational to almost every online marketing strategy. We happen to think it's at least $100 million a year in revenues in just one vertical we are in ~5.

As the mobile web game changes - managing of websites to meet the current standards becomes more daunting. Plugging into the latest web standard trends is a competitive advantage for our customers and therefore keeps DevHub at the front-lines of the fast changing mobile web.