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September 30, 2016

Martech Landscape Scott Brinker DevHub

Today, DevHub sits in a crowded landscape of over 3,500 solutions companies, startups/ platforms. The difference is we play in a lot of different ‘boxes’ while still remaining foundational to web experiences. Traffic from paid media or search needs to land somewhere and we are seeing over 83% of traffic coming from mobile search. 

Too often we see the marketing teams building one off sites/ landing pages and then advertising teams driving traffic...only later to find out that a tracking pixel was left out on an event, therefore the data is gapped. 

Many online ads are measured in click through rates which should also include what happens next - actions - calls, text, store visits, appointments, purchases...etc. When DevHub is deployed by a marketing team and integrated into a programmatic strategy; tracking of analytics generated from landing pages helps tell a full story of a visitor. Conversion data on specific landing pages shows where to optimize campaigns and content to enhance a visitor's experience and increase ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend). 

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