Mobile Web and Google ETA - Behind the scenes

October 31, 2016

Google ETA

Last week eMarketer reported that Google’s worldwide ad revenue will almost be 50% from mobile. Managing digital experiences via mobile should be on every product managers near term road map. On one road map we saw this week, the client had planned on rolling out a new way to comply with Expanded Text Ad requirements in the previous three months. Between javascript hacks and a reluctance to want to purchase domains the client is now 45 - 60 days out from Google’s latest deadline in January.

“We got the call this week, Daniel Rust CTO/ co-Founder of DevHub explains. They (client) is ready to do a migration for all 3000+ proxied sites to DevHub - needless to say - the collective breadth from the other side of the call was relief.”

Whether potential or existing clients know of the upcoming Google ETA deadline or understand what ETA requirements are, is hard to determine. We’ve covered in depth how we solve for most of the Google ETA requirements (outlined below) -

DevHub solves for the “proxy URL deprecation,” or “deprecation of Whitelisted Proxies.”

Here are some of the ways we handle proxies within DevHub:

1) Domains You Register or Control (no customer involvement needed)

a) Group sites underneath a common domain (most proxy tech supports this)

b) Register a domain for the customer, dedicated to the proxy

c) Register a domain for the customer and use subdomains for each campaign

2) Domains Owned by Customers
a) Proxy lives as a subdomain of the customer’s primary domain

Customer Involvement: Customer must set a DNS record to point to our servers

b) Proxy lives under a subdirectory within their primary domain

Customer Involvement: Customer must give access to their server configuration or have a tech contact on their side that can do this for them. Not all hosting providers will support this option.

DevHub’s Landing Page and Proxy solutions both support flexible URL options which allow its partners to manage campaigns on custom domains or even under a Customer’s existing domain.

With our proprietary migration tech, we are able to match sites/ landing pages 99.9% so your customers do not know the difference. Unifying all disparate landing page campaigns, websites, vertical specific solutions on DevHub is easy and safe; which is quite the opposite of how companies use their web platforms today.