Modern Proxy Technology - Campaign Enablement at Scale

December 9, 2016

The use of proxy technologies in the wake of Google ETA/ Bing text ad requirements continues to grow. DevHub’s Modern Proxy (at the simple level) reads a current site’s content and replaces key actions visitors can take i.e. calls, form fills, coupon downloads..., creating as many unique campaigns as you require.

Many large performance marketing companies use proxy to mirror an existing website in order to drive paid traffic and collect analytics for attribution.

DevHub’s approach to proxy has been to continuously innovate. Our modern proxy solution is dynamic and supports all Google Expanded Text Ad requirements, and has robust caching technology from images to page content - ensuring the site is always being served.

Our flexible APIs allow:

  • Account provisioning
  • Deploying SSL at Scale
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Adding/ Disabling proxies
  • Sandbox environment for testing
  • Bulk update URLs
  • Automate domain registration

Daniel Rust, DevHub’s CTO explains - We believe a key role of a website is to convert traffic to leads - breaking a website down to the elements that matter for paid traffic is essentially why we evolved our proxy tech.

The next phase of proxy allows site publishing leveraging a site(s) existing assets to build from versus starting from scratch ...think...

  • Hide distracting navigation elements to tighten the conversion funnel
  • Write your own optimized copy and call to actions
  • Add any of DevHub's modules or integrations to pages
  • And of course.. track every interaction the visitor does to get the full view of how the campaign is performing