Mobile Web and Google AMP

March 10, 2017

We've said it before - the mobile web is what matters! 

Most consumers (over 60%) land on a web experience (by our internal analytics as gauged by our network of sites / landing pages). Google's AMP is rolling out across ASIA by the billion and the Chinese search engines Sogou and Baidu are also adopting AMP. 

Managing 1 site or landing page to meet the AMP option is easy - to do this across your network of sites 20+ becomes more difficult especially if the sites were built one off. And while reacting to these web standards for the mobile web does not guarantee search ranking increase - Google will still prefer the page optimized for mobile.

DevHub allows the structured data within our platform to generate AMP specific content pages for small business sites, landing pages and content.

Learn how DevHub works with Google AMP standards today.