Multi-Location CMS Platform

June 12, 2017

One way to use DevHub is for Franchise/ multi store operators to build out brand compliant location sites/ pages - mobile first!   
Our audits of 1000’s of multi-unit commerce reveals that a majority of them have a broken customer conversion funnel. If a customer is on their site, looking to connect to a local business, they are 90% of the way to an actual purchase. DevHub insures that the last 10% is frictionless and fully trackable on ALL MOBILE DEVICES/ Screens! 

Our clients use our tech and best practices to:

•           Optimize the conversion funnel from a customer doing a search for a multi-unit business, all the way through to engaging with that local Store.
•           Automate local franchise website management
•           Sync location data on any platform from watch to phone to GPS to Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing…
•           Seamlessly push brand approved content down to the local level
•           Capture actionable full funnel attribution and analytics of what’s happening at each individual Franchisee
•           Extend paid PPC, Display, and Social campaigns down to the local level

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