Notes from Digital Conferences - Insights

April 28, 2017

In 5 yrs, digital assistants will be used by the masses - TeamOzlo 

Trust on desktop = content, depth, look, illustrations. Trust on mobile = speed, meet expectations, give the next step - 
Desktop users want to know, mobile users want to buy
- CEO, QuoteWizard

Measuring by engagement is the most important to understand if you're improving fanaticism - Rival IQ

In 30 minutes, two people can send over 800 nonverbal signals...what you do is powerful! - Renee Metty

Augmented Reality gives the real world an opportunity & new frontiers for content marketing - Indigo Slate

95% of customer prefer short-form content over long-form. - Amy Balliett We just love our mobile devices so much.

Users spend 50 milliseconds identifying whether they Identify with the brand - Killer Infographics

We have extensive knowledge of how to build lasting digital experiences across any device - forever. - DevHub