On-Boarding Related To Google ETA/ Bing Text Ads

November 4, 2016

With the rapidly approaching deadlines for text ads and destination URLs, DevHub is emerging as a leading solution for product managers at performance marketing companies/ agencies.

Deadlines: Google — January 31, 2017 + Bing ~ 1st QTR 2017 (subject to change)

Expected Sites/ Landing Pages Migrated to DevHub: 40,000+

First ETA Migrations Began: August 2016

Average ‘Bulk’ Migration Duration: 3–4 weeks

DevHub not only supports URL requirements for both Google and Bing but also allows for future product enhancements. One issue DevHub has solved for is SSL certificates at scale.

On 11/4/2016 10:59am (Seattle) from Daniel Rust DevHub’s CTO, “In the last hour we saw 20 new domains registered, new SSL certificates were auto-generated, and the Sites were live and serving secure pages within minutes.”

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DevHub  Google Bing text ad requirements

DevHub solves for URL requirements related to text ads

DevHub continues to innovate on our proxy tech (to the hour). Both DevHub’s landing page and proxy solutions support flexible URLs which allow our partners to manage campaigns on custom domains or even under an existing domain.

Enhancements to DevHub’s Proxy technology since July 2016 (feel free to forward to your tech team) -

  • Option to auto-replace phone numbers with click to call phone numbers
  • New proxy filters for GA tracking code
  • Active products setting (i.e. only proxy enabled) to optimize queries in other datacenters
  • Proxy serving now using cache pointers
  • Proxy domain field validation
  • Refactored akismet spam checking
  • Proxy parsing improvements
  • Looped redirects for large sized proxy objects
  • Proper handling of encoding issues on proxies (Shift JIS)
  • Proxies tab issue is resolved as well
  • Prorating support with site/alias/proxy activation/deactivation logging
  • Advanced configuration options for Proxies
  • Auto-linking option on proxies
  • Proper handling of missing Embed IDs
  • ReachEdge plugin
  • Option for proxies to passthrough the full POST request to the original site
  • Auto-redirect between www and non-www proxy full domain urls
  • Google Call Conversion plugin
  • Proxy support for custom 404 pages
  • Proxy google maps now using our Google API key

Wedged between CMS and Digital Experience platforms, DevHub continues to support a number of unique solutions from verticals to proxy — the way a DevHub should be.

***post originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse here.