Our People - Experience

November 3, 2016

Much of the basis of who we hire is centered around thinking of usability at scale.

In fact, every single person who uses DevHub wants to solve one thing - scale. Whether that is building 5,000 profile pages for agents or managing 10,000 landing pages for marketing campaigns - DevHub’s people solve this everyday.

Undoubtedly we face new challenges everyday. First there was video at scale - solved. Then, rolling out unique content across hundreds of sites focused on locality - done. Finally, solving Google/ Bing requirements for text ads - fixed.

Although there is, of course the issue of security, which we take very seriously at DevHub. Our customers across the globe have different requirements. We exceed compliance in order to give our customers their own sense security. DevHub has strict SLAs (Service Level Agreements). Each new SLA is reviewed by the DevHub team to ensure its accuracy and enforcement.

“Some of our customers require 99.___% uptime and we (DevHub) guarantee it,” explains Daniel Rust CTO/ DevHub.

And that is really the DevHub difference: we are not dropping off tech - we are partners for the long haul.