Part 2 of 3: Agency Partner Use Case - How DevHub Does It

August 9, 2016

Post originally appeared on LinkedIn here

DevHub is a technology platform powered by a team of super humans (you get the point ;) Our super humans leverage their strong ties to a passionate community of users via our feedback loop, enabling consistent, continuous innovation. So, what does that mean for our partners? DevHub is built to scale web experiences easily and safely, so agencies that utilize DevHub quickly find that it offers a kind of control that one-off CMS platforms simply can’t provide.

Our DevHub philosophy drives our commitment to continue innovating and improving current content workflows. DevHub is revolutionary in that it gives you the power to control an entire digital footprint with one agile, user friendly system.

One of our agency partners wanted to fulfill on the promise to their customer 3 weeks earlier than originally planned. They chose DevHub. Here is how it went down:

We begin each new project with a DEVHUB BLUEPRINT, sketching objectives and goals with our partners. Our technology is agile enough that we can adjust to client demands mid-build. Our BLUEPRINT for this use case:

  • Corporate Site: Migrate and update
  • Design: Custom Theme build based on design provided by Agency
  • Content Pages: Migrate all, while retaining Title, Meta tags and URLs
  • Blog posts: Migrate all via Wordpress XML export, while maintaining existing URL structure
  • Google Tag Manager: Enable on all Sites
  • Location Finder: All Franchisee locations geocoded. Location Finder configured to route users to their nearest Franchisee Site with a simple Zip Code search.

The DEVHUB BUILD is our execution stage, achieving those objectives at scale. In this case we deviated from the BLUEPRINT and pivoted mid-build due to end-client demands.

  • Migrated and provisioned 102 Franchisee Sites
  • Imported Location meta data, including Address, Hours of operation, Social URLs
  • Mapped user Phone numbers with Invoca’s revolutionary call tracking technology
  • Set up a centrally control Home page, Scheduling and Contact pages with a Master Site with Macros for custom calls to action
  • Provisioned all other Services and About pages using a database of unique content provided by Franchisees (via CSV export)
  • Auto-provisioned an Agendize Appointment request widget for each Franchisee, synced with its hours of operation
  • Embedded Custom Service area in Google Maps for each Franchisee Site

How did it all work out? DevHub provided results that exceeded expectations, on a shortened timeline. During the BUILD, we were able to adapt to new requirements on the fly. Changes were applied in bulk across the entire network of Franchisee sites, saving significant time for content and production teams.

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