Part 2: The ONE CMS Philosophy Difference

June 13, 2016

DevHub makes it work

Guided by its One CMS philosophy, DevHub’s revolutionary platform offers every functionality you need to control an entire digital footprint with just one agile, user friendly system. Why should you have to use multiple systems to manage different aspects of your online strategy? Our belief is that you shouldn’t. Let’s take a look at why DevHub makes sense in the current CMS environment.


Franchise organizations, publishers, multi-location brands and agencies have to source multiple applications to meet the multitude of content needs they encounter on a daily basis. Rolling up multiple providers means managing more partners, API integrations, data management and reporting complexity. Wouldn’t it make more sense to roll up additional business applications into one, simple integrated CMS platform?

Design and Development

While many large scale CMS site builders provide basic site design, one major complaint is their lack of flexibility in template design, integration of specific functionalities and the complexity of departing from the core development process. With DevHub, templates are fully customizable, and we tailor specific functionalities based on our clients’ needs.


For brands considering migrating from a less flexible CMS solution, DevHub’s proprietary Migration Tool, allows agencies, publishers and multi-location brands to seamlessly move their existing web and mobile sites onto the DevHub platform in one simple process to gain significant production efficiencies. Once onboard, the platform assists companies in efficiently producing and updating local sites, managing localized content and easily measuring site and conversion metrics.

We believe that One Content Management System should be all you need to efficiently manage your digital footprint. DevHub is the only one that can take you there, now.