Part 3 of 3: Agency Use Case - Where the Agency Goes from Here

August 11, 2016

Post originally appeared here on LinkedIn.

Our agency partner now powers 102 franchise sites for their client. The client’s corporate site was completely migrated and refreshed to drive leads. And the franchisee sites are live with unique local content. All accomplished 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

With an expedited launch, there are bound to be some minor hiccups. But DevHub is agile enough to adapt to new requirements mid-BUILD. We implemented changes across the client’s entire franchisee site network, saving massive time (and headaches) for the product, marketing and production teams.

Our main problem was that individual franchisees didn’t all provide unique content for their sites on time. But we needed to launch, so we came up with on the fly solutions to bridge the content gap through advanced automation technology.

  • Created 1100+ additional 301 redirects from historical/legacy franchise URLs.
  • Auto-added global coupons to franchisee sites.
  • Auto-published “noindex” placeholder pages with Macro-based content.
  • Modified the Location Finder to assign zip code priority to franchisees

    So, we helped the client launch even when franchisees didn’t have their unique content ready on time. When the franchisee was ready to provide it, so was DevHub:

When franchisee provided the additional content post-launch, it was immediately re-migrated to all 102 individual franchisee sites.

Auto-added new photos to individual sites once franchisees provided them.

Post-launch, we handed the operational reins over to our agency partner so they could manage DevHub simply and easily. Local search queries, form fills, calls - it’s all captured across corporate and franchisee sites. Sustainable SEO updates, scaled mobile offerings, paid campaigns - our agency partner has the data to make it happen. Tweaks, upgrades and optimizations based on analyzing everything from the hyper local to the top level. Best of all, it can be done by just one agency team member.

DevHub is a platform built to scale, and we excel at everything from launching a franchise’s eco-system to building out custom themes to migrating from Wordpress to deploying scheduling across 100s of sites with Agendize.

Everyone continues to be happy - agency, client and franchisee.