Performance and Web Experience Go Hand and Hand

January 5, 2017


Many managers have skipped over performance (aka tracking conversions/ analytics). But without analyzing the effectiveness of experience - might as well be throwing money away. Tracking performance is very important - yet some reports show ad spends go un-tracked across many ad campaigns. Companies live and die by their ad budgets; tie that with experience (landing pages) as the foundational hub for driving customers - and its easy to see how dollars get lost. That’s why DevHub loves working with marketing and advertising teams to help integrate with analytics and measure the potency of campaigns.

Performance + Experience isn’t going away; its getting more specific. As brands want to reach the local/ hyper-local audience - the basis of how performance is measured is core. Insights into how traffic is flowing over a landing page to drive the right conversion (call, click, form fill, schedule...etc) at the local level exists. Whether through Google Analytics or Mixpanel or GO2Holdings each allows managers to analyze the data at glance to know if a landing page is performing.

DevHub works with performance marketing companies and analytics technologies to expand on experience as the core. Learn more.