Permission Control Use Cases

August 2, 2016

When your business grows, your workforce grows too, and managing permissions at every level is more of a requirement than a desire. At DevHub, we are able to match your company’s organizational model with custom permissions at every level of your unique use case.

DevHub sits between website builder and enterprise CMS. The DevHub difference is our use cases...from global agencies looking at unifying a disparate client, national brands looking to create local sites controlled by local managers, media companies looking to offer digital products to their small business customers, regional companies looking to offer a vertical solution and technology providers who are looking to differentiate their product. 

Even within your own organization you want permissions to be arranged. If that is the use case, then you probably don’t want Production Person A to have master control of everything, you want Production Person A to control their assigned sites and landing pages. Meanwhile granting marketing access to dashboard analytics of many businesses and sites. By placing Production Person A and marketing in different groups with varying permissions, the right people will be able to view and/or edit the right data all the time.