Perspective on Web Experience Evolution - Its Bigger Than Websites

February 3, 2017

Future of Web Experience is More than Websites

The future of search is changing - now and fast. An agile approach to managing experience is only possible through collecting the right data first. Beginning with inputs such as - location, phone number, hours, menu, services, payments, images, forms etcs. DevHub’s own structured database allows for the markup of code to the latest schema based search standards.

Why this is important?

Answer: mobile web. With mobile devices taking up more than 70%+ search across DevHub’s own network - web experience needs to use the data within sites to be able to serve that data across the myriad of devices that will be calling on the web for the information - faster than ever.

DevHub is the repository for the most important data so that different outputs can be parsed by voice, location, mobile.

An example of this:  a potential customer asks Alexa, ‘does Hana restaurant have miso soup on the menu and are they open now?’ Alexa (a connected device to the web) performs a quick web search and returns via voice - YES: Hana restaurant in Seattle does have miso soup and is open for another 2 hours. A site built on DevHub would have the unique schema markup to generate that specific result.

We believe this is why web experience is so important - beyond just websites, but for now sites/ landing pages.