Platform Migration Scenario: Google ETA and Landing Pages

July 25, 2016

POST ORIGINALLY appeared on LinkedIn on 7/25/2016

This week we have several presentations about how DevHub solves for Google’s new requirements for URLs in expanded text ads.

In case you do not know what the Google Expanded Text Ads update is all about here are a couple resources: Search Engine LandWordstreamGoogle.

In short...

Google will be rolling out their new Expanded Text Ads to all partners soon. Part of these requirements is a change that affects multiple premier partners currently using sub-domains or proxy domains for Customer campaigns.

Partners have previously been able to create Ad Units that show the Customer's Domain or Website URL, but have the link from the Ad go to a different destination. With these new URL requirements, partners now don't have that option and the Ad Unit will automatically show the final destination URL.

"Google organic search and AdWords policies are always top of mind for us. This has included matching Display URLs with Destination URLs when managing campaigns," explained Daniel Rust co-Founder/ CTO of DevHub.

With DevHub's proprietary migration tech, we are able to match sites/ landing pages 100% so our customers and their end customers do not know the difference. Unifying all disparate landing page campaigns, websites, vertical specific solutions on DevHub is easy and safe; which is quite the opposite of what is being offered today.

Earlier this month we released 80% of our documentation with the remaining 20% available upon request. We think the platform as a service should be different. We decided to release the secret sauce to help our current and potential partners to have the flexibility to move between platforms while maintaining consistency which is paramount in managing web experiences at scale.

DevHub's Landing Page and Proxy solutions both support flexible URL options which allow its partners to manage campaigns on custom domains or even under a Customer's existing domain.

Every company needs DevHub to build a scalable future…it's a mindset.