Platform Migration

June 21, 2016

Think you have 10, 20, 50, 100, 10,000+ sites and landing pages that are not mobile responsive, or on disparate platforms that need to be sync’d from one centralized platform? Perhaps your current platform has reached its max capabilities, or demands integrations from 3rd party services. Whatever the case, your current workflows/production capabilities are impeding your ability to achieve your business and customer objectives.

About DevHub Platform Migration Services

We help maintain your legacy investments while improving workflows and instantly cutting your current platform costs and production inefficiencies.

When is a Platform Migration right for you

Local Marketing Solutions - this is an option if you have a customer with 10+ location sites needing to be controlled from a corporate, regional and/ or local level; while keeping brand integrity intact.

Synchronization - some sites/ landing pages are currently managed on disparate platforms with a goal of consolidating a complex product set allowing all levels of your organization to manage a wide range of solutions…from individual small business sites to franchisees to vertical specific solutions.

Future-proofed Platform on DevHub - DevHub is the world’s most complete, open and integrated CMS on the market today. DevHub is the only company to provide the complete technology stack – engineering, utilization, customization, training and support SLA’s at every level of use. The DevHub platform is optimized to scale with your demands and integrate with 3rd party vendors from CRM systems, sales acceleration platforms to analytics providers to specific marketing solutions.


  • State-of- the-art Systems Reliability, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions provide a world class Service Level Agreement.
  • Out-of- the-box compatibility with the most current web standards. Our platform is designed to perform on any screen, easily integrate with other APIs, and can incorporate most third-party widgets.
  • Ability to build custom websites and web functions within the same framework and structure of other template-based websites.
  • Feature-rich site building capabilities for maximum flexibility. Videos, photos, forms, blogging, mobile site creation, and best-in- class SEO practices are all standard tools in our site-building platform
  • Robust cloud-based infrastructure, enabling immediate scale to the needs of your platform requirements at no additional cost.
  • Inherent flexibility to allow for easy expansion of future feature sets and integration with other 3rd party offerings (group couponing, e-commerce, location-based deals, etc.). We continue to innovate by integrating the latest social media and related 3rd party provider services into our platform.
  • Multi language support for pages & CMS allowing the same profile page to be viewed in either English or French or the builder can be adapted to build sites in Spanish

Full API's

Rest API + SS0 (Single Sign On) tech documentation Available on request


We ‘have lots of friends’ that allow you to expand your site while simplifying API integrations for your own product roadmap.

Getting Started

Take advantage of DevHub’s methods, tools and extensive experience in migrating hundreds of thousands of sites, landing pages, campaigns, content and digital assets across diverse industries and geographies. The entire DevHub team is behind your success. To learn more, contact DevHub or visit Our Site to request a demo or get a copy of our
Platform Migration