Creating polygons for targeted coverage areas

February 1, 2017

ANALYSIS/ INSIGHTS - from the front lines of marketing technology (martech).

I am reporting from in the field today. We recently discussed, the idea of creating polygons for targeted coverage areas which further enhance localized experience sites/ landing pages and related performance campaigns. This would be a strong element for existing and potential customers such as brands looking to engage with local consumers.

In some of our recent clients relationships, we were extremely effective by using some of the following:

  • Defining polygons /targeted areas of search
  • Analyze keywords within the targeted areas
  • Keyword / Business rankings by Google, Bing, Yahoo in the targeted area
  • Understand competition or share of search within the market

What we found is just using cities or zip codes didn’t provide the best and most efficient coverage. Things such as geographic boundaries i.e. rivers, mountains, etc. have impact on the polygon creation. Other items such as new bridges, highways, etc. can also change polygons especially for service based brands.

We can help our new/ existing customers: large brands, agencies and publishers define their targeted polygons, it would be a major win and further cement DevHub as the experience platform.

It is amazing how many Brands we speak to that think they have the right keywords and coverage area - only to find out their results are actually being impacted by the coverage area, stats within the coverage area, share of search driven by competition and demographics.

At the very least, we can provide access to tools for Brands, Agencies and Publishers to define polygon search areas. For example Seattle, we include a portion of Seattle and some surrounding towns rather than just saying Seattle.

I realize some of this might require some business partnering, but wanted to open up the conversation.

Below is an example of the South Shore of Montreal. We work with service companies and found that it was a better online experience dividing the area into multiple areas for different verticals.

Hope this helps.

From the front,
DevHub Advisor