PRESS RELEASE: DevHub Identified as the Go To Web Experience Platform for Performance Marketing Agencies and Brands

April 18, 2017

4/18/2017 (Seattle, Washington USA) - DevHub is a Web Experience Platform – brands and performance marketing agencies use DevHub to streamline deployment of sites as part of larger marketing strategy. This is achieved cost effectively- through robust APIs and cloud hosted infrastructure. 

DevHub offers an arsenal of unique tools to enterprises that are managing a high volume of template-driven sites. Companies go to market faster while ensuring conversions, security, brand compliance and web standards are consistent across the web experience.

By focusing on this specific set of challenges, the DevHub platform simplifies the administrative buy off process with simple contracts. Deploying much more rapidly (<30 days) and more cost-effectively than conventional CMS providers. This is DevHub. 

Unlike large CMS providers, DevHub provides custom services that make it nimbler when addressing the needs of this segment of the market. Through their APIs they can co-exist with other providers supporting analytics, advertising, and CRM and other third-party services critical to both site and campaign performance -see Integrations: 

A core strength of DevHub is its segment expertise. As companies continue to develop multi-channel marketing initiatives, the demand to service a high volume of sites will continue to grow. They will face challenges with maintaining those sites in a cost-effective fashion without the single-source publishing and administrative capacity of a DevHub.

The total cost of ownership for DevHub when addressing this specific challenge is likely to be a fraction of what one would expect when considering an alternative provider. DevHub typically bundles on-boarding services/ migrations, reducing implementation time and the need for the customer to develop a high-degree of product-level expertise when compared to conventional CMS options. This flexibility and responsiveness lets the customer focus less on the "building" or implementation and plan instead for the lower cost of basic maintenance.

DevHub's market sweet spot is the "Scaled Landing Pages for Full Funnel Attribution" or "co-op marketing" or "franchised" organizations leveraging a multi-channel digital marketing strategy. Business within this sector are performance driven so conversion accountability is critical to securing budgets. The mid-tier segment of this market has a unique set of demands (high site volumes, limited IT resources, limited budgets, short execution cycles) that DevHub addresses better than the alternative CMS systems.