PRESS RELEASE: DevHub successfully migrates over 150,000 website and landing pages from legacy

June 22, 2016

(Seattle, WA) - In Seattle’s booming downtown a bold platform company is becoming the standard for managing multiple websites and landing pages at scale called DevHub.

DevHub recognized a gap in the CMS market between website builder and enterprise scale, and pounced. In 2010, the company received funding from the best VC and angel investors in Seattle, LA, NYC and Silicon Valley.

Led by longtime friends and business partners Mark Michael and Daniel Rust. Expertise and dedication define their company/ team. Rust, a gifted software architect, and Mark Michael a bold entrepreneur met in high school. They've been working together ever since.

Yesterday at 5:09pm the DevHub team watched the digital reporting dashboard flat screen on their wall, tick off approximately 4300 new responsive websites and landing pages on DevHub in under 5 hours bringing the total sites migrated to over 150,000.

“The scripts ran and produced over 600 sites per hour. These are websites/ landing pages migrated seamlessly from another platform,” explained Rust DevHub’s CTO/ co-Founder.

This platform migration was a significant achievement for DevHub as this was the 7th migration and one of the most important according to Mark Michael President/ co-Founder.

“Our team of the best engineers/ developers in Seattle; safely and flawlessly executed on a migration of 4300 websites (from Wordpress, Drupal Gardens, WebsPlanet, Mono and home grown solutions...literally,” Michael excitedly recalled.

All of the sites and landing pages are now mobile optimized and have a host of other valuable features to future proof them.

This was also an important platform migration as the sites and landing pages were on one of DevHub’s largest customer’s legacy CMS that are part of a $12.9m bundled product offered to their SMBs.

With DevHub, the days of being ‘stuck’ on a particular platform are over; Michael and Rust agree.

Today, DevHub successfully helps big name global and national clients manage hundreds of thousands of digital products and millions of campaign performance dollars at scale.

To learn more about DevHub’s platform migration visit platform migration