Private Label, White Label: What Is The Difference With Web Site Builders

October 5, 2016

Essentially they have same meaning. Typically private label refers to a physical product and white label applies to a service.

Yet with web platforms sometimes the white label/ private label stops at replacing the branding/ logo within a dashboard. DevHub is private/white labeled even down to the source code. Not many CMS/ web platforms can say the same.

With so many clients of DevHub, powering unique solutions for small business - landing pages, mobile sites, responsive sites it’s trickier than ever to get a joint press release out. There is so much DevHub being used yet our agreements have strict Non Disclosures which prevent us from sharing who is using DevHub. But there is another way; read as much about our case studies/ use cases and you might be able to read between the lines.

There’s a breed of our customers who have deployed remarkable strategies utilizing DevHub. Whether managing franchise brands, rolling out thousands among thousands of landing pages or building vertical specific solutions to take markets over; DevHub is at their core.

Of course, adjustments must be made to keep up with latest web standards or Google’s whims. DevHub’s architecture regardless of use case allows everyone to run the latest platform always - today it’s 6.2 earlier last week 6.1.3.