Product Managers - Finding Peace With DevHub

November 2, 2016

The many solutions provided by DevHub represents a vital shift in what is expected between CMS platforms of yesterday and today.

By 1st Quarter of 2016, DevHub had already participated in 4 RFPs from major media companies - and while we lost initially - WE WON the long game. NOW those media companies and other markets including: agencies, performance marketing, martech, adtech, brands, large enterprise and IT consulting - NOW utilize some piece of the DevHub ecosystem.

This influx of new business is primarily driven by many market shifts - from consumers digesting more information from mobile devices to Google making changes to its search algorithms to both Google/ Bing changing their requirements for text ads all brought the markets to DevHub’s doorstep.

“It was no longer an option to wait and see then react - not when these companies are managing millions of campaign dollars and thousands of digital experiences, described Mark Michael DevHub’s co-Founder/ CEO. We are at the right place at the right time with a CMS built for scale and not just beautiful websites but rather the whole marketing suite.”

Managing one site or a couple is easy with a traditional CMS, but managing large swaths of digital presence that need to 1) be mobile ready 2) allow for expanded text ads 3) security - becomes daunting. With DevHub the ability to truly do it all is actually a reality.

DevHub has been vetted by traditional, innovative and new companies across the different markets we serve.