Product Managers, Technical Managers - Executing At Scale; on a Friday!

October 7, 2016

Product Managers Using DevHub

Some of the best people to work with in our experience. I’m sure they feel the same way about DevHub ;) especially on Friday. You see product managers are the rallying force in many companies who drive product innovation by either bringing the right people or right tools together - many times both.

DevHub helps product managers win by allowing their technical teams to leverage our APIs to execute on the product road map. Often there is serious deadlines that need to be met in an abbreviated amount of time. When we are exploring new opportunities the product manager and technical lead are responsible for vetting our solution.  We are talking hundreds if not thousands of digital experiences so the product vision and technical expertise have to come together.

Here are a couple questions Product and Technical Managers ask when rolling out thousands of unique local sites and/ or landing pages:

Agency: What is the process when you receive our location file?

DevHub: We have import scripts on our side that will take the data and populate the Instance

Agency: Do you have a system that auto populates all data from the file onto the pages?

DevHub: After import, you can either use the UI to make updates or we can operate on a bulk update model

Agency: How often do we need to (or how often can we) provide updated information? Daily/weekly/monthly?

DevHub: Weekly would be okay for this

Agency: Can we provide complete location files each time and it overwrites the previous data?

DevHub: Yes. We can have it pave over the existing data each time.

Agency: Your site references an API – Can we get a copy of that documentation?  

DevHub: Yes. We have API docs that can be used to automate all of this. API docs

Main API Documentation:

Authentication and getting started:

Next steps are go-to-market. The communication between the technical team and product teams ensures the product roll out is smooth while being able to monitor actions across thousands of live sites. DevHub makes this easy for managers everyday!