Q/A - Corporate + Franchise model (Push/ Pull)

March 28, 2017

multi websites from franchises
In a new series called Push/ Pull of Franchise/ Franchisee we answer the most popular questions from brand managers.

Q: When does a platform migration make sense for your Franchise brand? –

A: We see more franchises convert to DevHub at about 5 locations. From corporate wanting more control over brand standards to Franchisees wanting flexibility of updating their own local franchisee website

Q: How Important Are Store Locators?

A: Very! However there should be almost no cost in setting one up! From keeping data sync’d across local stores and apps the store locator can serve as the “source of truth” for the franchise.

Q: Does managing multiple sites on a traditional CMS make sense?

A: No - traditional CMS platforms were built to manage 1 type of site very well. Managing more than 1 becomes cumbersome for the legacy CMS platforms.

Q: How easy is it to deploy 200+ sites on DevHub?

A: 1 week. Seriously. We have several unique technologies from migration tech to our TRACE technology to take a brand local within 1 week - assuming you can get the buy off that quick.