How does device ID targeting work?

July 18, 2017

Locating a specific audience for your brand’s message shouldn’t be complicated. With device ID targeting, your company/brand can direct its message to specific users who have previously been in targeted locations during a specific time.

With each campaign type that you launch, there is an Audience Insight Report that provides analytics and information on frequency and time of visit to the targeted location.
Our partner, V Digital Services, has the tools to help you reach a precise demographic and increase your conversion rates.

How does device ID targeting work?

"This product uses DID targeting data to identify mobile devices (users) that have been in target locations during customizable, specified timeframes. We build polygons around any location(s) to create custom audiences targetable no matter where that user goes after their visit. By targeting the device ID we have high quality, real human user data to deliver your clients' marketing/brand message," Martin McDonald, Vice President of Strategic Sales and Channel

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Implementing DID targeting to your marketing strategy

Some targeting ideas to consider with this technology are:

  • Individual mobile targeting
  • Visitor retargeting
  • Home Address identification + reverse append
  • Look-A-Like Targeting
  • Location or geo-fencing
  • Out-of-home targeting (mobile, TV, or digital signage)


Target your message where it really matters with device ID targeting through V Digital Services. Contact Martin McDonald