Release 6.5 finalized

December 12, 2016

Daniel Rust

From Daniel Rust CTO/ co-Founder DevHub: "We are constantly evolving the platform to exceed the current demands of web standards, search and customer use cases - 6.5 represents a growing trend in managing web experience + robust analytics for proxy technology and vertical specific solutions."


  • New auto Module
  • Master theme v2 with Bootstrap CSS support
  • Added configurable TLDs list for domain registration on a per-instance level
  • New login page background images
  • New instagram feed module
  • New "Preview Post" option for the Blog


  • New proxy improvements and test cases
  • Added live proxy debug options to troubleshooting
  • Agendize appointment request support to agendize integration
  • New Cache-Control options to move cache settings from nginx to the platform
  • Ability to search proxies by domain and source domain
  • OG tag handling within modules now supported
  • Caching namespaces revamped
  • Full-window blog editing
  • Proxies list caching to increase performance
  • SSL automation improvements
  • Added active_products option to optimize load times on proxy-only instances
  • Merged 4.3.X branch into 6.5.0
  • Bootstrap as a submodule
  • Shop module now fully supports translation
  • Revamped Facebook page builder linking and modernized it