Reverse Proxy - Google Approved

May 4, 2017

DevHub has always been mindful of the 500 lb gorilla - Google. We never wanted to build a technology company that was scared of what Google would do next. We took the same approach with our Reverse Proxy technology. 

DevHub's Reverse Proxy Technology allows for Performance Marketing Campaigns at Scale. 

Performance Marketing agencies have the opportunity to help their text ads work harder. At DevHub we are ahead of the curve, having already built in new Google expanded text requirements for URLs into the platform and templates. Utilizing DevHub Proxy for this offers our users immediate use of the expanded text ads across all devices. 

  • Google Ad Component New Expanded Text Option Available on DevHub
  • Headlines Two 30-character headlines YES
  • Description Line One consolidated 80-character description line YES
  • URL Display Domain automatically extracted from final URL to ensure accuracy.
  • Ability to customize the URL path. YES

DevHub is the first platform to offer the customization of URLs for ad campaigns through our builder. Learn more about DevHub's Reverse Proxy.