Rocking your world with DevHub V3!

June 15, 2010

It's here and it's ready - DevHub version 3 free website builder. Experience a whole new level of website Development with V3! Try it yourself now or read on for highlights.

Faster, Easier, Better than the Best

What's the fastest way to launch a new website into a keyword marketplace, and test it for performance? That's right: DevHub. Just a few clicks from fresh start to published website. No credit card required!

DevHub V3 is fast - with cloud-based hosting and storage, a newly optimized server architecture and super-smooth guided site builder interface, DevHub V3 brings free website performance to a new level. Our new editing control panels are fast and efficient -- the tools you need are always at your beck and call. New professionally-designed templates kick-start your web sites. And our live testing of DevHub-hosted sites shows fast page load speeds that even Google will drool over.

DevHub V3 is easy - Now With Dashboards! - DevHub V3 boasts a set of completely re-engineered control panels for building and editing your sites. Easy and efficient : with modules grouped by functionality and elevator panel dashboards clearly showing your status. You always know where you are, and what you can do next to improve your sites and increase revenues. Your status, your activities, your site performance and your progress are all tracked via the new DevHub Dashboards. Just log in and start in your primary dashboard with suggestions of what to do next.

DevHub V3 has Business Guidance! - DevHub V3 includes smart business guidance all along the way. From basic recommendations for getting started, to advanced SEO and User Interface tips, we help you build quality sites that meet the needs of your hungry visitors (earning you revenue!). Plus! -- our new DevTrends blog is tightly integrated with the V3 platform, so as we learn from the business activity on our extensive network of sites, we deliver actionable information to you right in the site builder! Check it out.

DevHub V3 is the Best Free Website Builder - With the launch of DevHub V3, we push site building to a new level of quality and performance, while increasing our support of your media empire. Multiple sites? Social Media integration? Cross-over audiences to market to via multiple channels? You can do it all with DevHub V3! Try it now for yourself!

Major Enhancements & New Features

  • Faster and more intuitive user interface so you can make us of more features with less hassle, while continuing to enjoy success with DevHub site building.
  • Social Media integration - new modules to hook your website into Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms.
  • New Modules - more options for monetization, and more engaging features such as Flickr, Hulu, Youtube and Google video streams.
  • New Professional Templates/Themes - you can select from professionally designed themes, create your own, or choose from our pre-built Local Business, Social Media, Blog or Product Showcase website styles.
  • More fun than ever! Continue reading below for details of the new game mechanics integrated into DevHub V3. Do you like badges and rewards for a job well done? Do you enjoy celebrating process along the way to achieving goals? We are integrating clever game mechanics into the DevHub Publishing Empire building process, to help encourage your efforts and make site building more enjoyable. It's now more fun than ever to succeed as a website publisher, making real money publishing real websites to real audiences, from with the DevHub V3 Media Empire building game.

The Game of Life, Career, and DevHub V3!

Empire Building - Everyone loves a good, engaging empire building game. You get started on a path towards a goal, see the results of your efforts, and receive rewards and encouragement for making the right moves that bring more success. DevHub is no different!

We watched over 40,000 publishers create and publish over 100,000 sites on the DevHub platform. They choose to build sites around on their own interests and passions, or to pursue opportunities they've noticed on the web. They added unique compelling content and images to their sites, and engaged audiences who then converted into page views, clicks, subscriber counts and revenue streams.

We saw that DevHeads were watching their stats and earnings reports for "rewards", while building their income streams from advertising and marketing. We noticed how closely that process resembled a game -- and now with DevHub V3 publishers can enjoy an engaging game-like environment built right into the website development platform.

Using a system of rewards and progress indicators coupled tightly with our enhanced quality feedback and success guidance dashboards, we've integrated a game system to make DevHub the first real-world empire building game on the web! As you build websites and work to increase quality and earn revenues, the system prompts you to continually improve, and supplements your real-world monetary rewards with specific progress and success-based game rewards. Try it for yourself!