Scaling Sites with Schema markup

November 17, 2016

DevHub is your repository for all structured data - related to a businesses website. The ability to have the standard markup applied to each website is baked into the DevHub platform.

We believe the future of websites is related to the data within and for that data to be called based on a user's search via a connected device. Schema markup and structured data protocols have been around for years yet adopting them [protocols] across a vast market of ‘how sites are built,’ does not help standards i.e. cheap website builders, entry level designers/ developers etc…

The newest and most sophisticated platforms can make schema markups and structured data protocols easier but few care.

Six ways multiple sites can be built via DevHub (w/ Schema markup built in)

  • Vertical Solutions: Master Template
  • Build the site ‘theme’ structure once and replicate.    
  • Location Based Sites: Cloning
  • Take a pre built template and ‘clone it’ content included. Any macros that you’ve used in content SEO tags..etc; are then shown on the new site - replaced dynamically with the updated location NAP info..etc
  • Mass Roll outs: API Driven
  • Use the DevHub API to fully automate the creation and management of sites and landing pages without even entering the site builder or dashboard- knowing that each site is unique and has standard schema markup built in.