SEO Needs for New Websites - Completed with DevHub

April 24, 2017

SEO checklist DevHub
Below is a checklist of standard SEO deployments recommended to our customers -- 



-          Redirect from non www to www version of website

-          Redirects from any old URL’s that are no longer being used to the new URL for that page

-          Only use 301 redirects (not 302 or others)

-          URL’s ideally would be kept the same. For creating new URL’s: simple, include keywords, and use only hyphens (not underscores)


-          Site should have a blog that is at (“news” instead of “blog” would be fine if client prefers that) and

-          All posts should be have the URL structure /blog/post-name

Content Related

-          Ability to add in custom meta data (title tags and meta descriptions)

-          Don’t use meta keywords

-          Headings: should have only one h1 tagged heading on each page then h2’s should be used for subheadings (can use h3, h4 if necessary but never skip a number)

-          Canonical tags on each page

Misc – Priority Order

-          Robots file that disallows only a few unnecessary pages

-          XML sitemap dynamically updates (plugin fine)

-          Load time – the faster the better! We usually recommend less than 3 seconds

-          Mobile friendly design

-          Keep existing scripts: Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console, etc

-          Custom 404 error page and errors should cause a strict 404 error (not soft)

-          No broken links (to internal or external pages)

-          Include social media links on each page (generally in the footer)

-          Favicon


-          Content should be relevant to what they do and the keywords they want to rank for

-          Word count should be at least 300 words per page, generally the more the better

-          No duplicate content should be used (word for word content on other sites)

-          Add in alt text for every picture that is a mix of keywords and a description of the picture

-          Call to action should be clear, bold, and consistent throughout the website