SERIES: The Types of Inquires We Get (ep.1.0)

July 21, 2016

POST ORIGINALLY appeared on LinkedIn

I'm the co-Founder of DevHub, a platform that allows companies to manage entire web experiences in one place. We have helped global agencies, national brands, media companies, regional companies and technology providers build a scalable future aimed at local markets and improved their current product offerings.  

Everyday we get inquires like: 

"I'm not a huge fan of wordpress, but we don't have the bandwidth to manage this at this time, especially since the person in charge of this is a wordpress wizard already."

"I'm interested to find out more about your migration technology and how it can be used in migrating our 4,000+ sites off Wordpress w/ potential for more."

"I'm interested in the private label services and potentially the do it for me services. We see 10+ websites per month and do them all in house. Now we only give away a free website on Wix (which is terrible)."
DevHub's power comes from unifying disparate web platforms in order to scale customer strategies. Most all of the inquiries we receive happen at a pain point of around 25 sites/ landing pages under management and they finally had enough of the security issues, plugin fails, lack of permission controls...etc.

We first seamlessly migrate all of the existing sites/ landing pages into DevHub and then get ready to scale.

Some benefits of DevHub:

  • Centralized control of the ecosystem of sites/ landing pages
  • DevHub ability to migrate/move sites in bulk to new layouts/designs
  • All Site data stored in a structured way (Pages, Modules, Location details, Macros)
  • Proxy pages for campaign tracking and Dynamic Number Insertion
  • Roll-up of Analytics data across regional, location, and proxy/campaign landing pages
  • Ability to grant access to grant access to production and marketing teams respectively
  • Granular permission controls on what data the end user has access to view or edit
  • Ability to add 3rd Party Integrations via vetted vendors

This is the beginning of what DevHub has to offer the markets we serve and potentially can serve. We aim to be the leader at building a sustainable future for scaling different types of websites and landing pages with the goal of being a silent partner in many companies successes.