Social Marketing Suite powered by NUVI in your DevHub instance

August 6, 2016

Scale! That is one reason DevHub is effective in helping so many agencies, brands and marketing companies win. We were recently introduced to a social marketing suite that scales to cover your Nuvi! Nuvi has been created with your strategy in mind. 

3 ways that make NUVI unique:

  • Monitors - live conversations surrounding a particular topic across the entire social world. 
  • Channel - Nuvi helps you understand engagement, see volume, understand timing and discover audience demographics.
  • Publishing - schedule and post your carefully crafted content to multiple social networks with easy

Track and monitor customers, markets, industries, products and competition. Beautiful, insightful and data-driven designs will fuel your strategy and guide your decision making process.

We are ready to have NUVI as part of our vendor/ plugin community. 

Ready to see Social Marketing in your DevHub instance? Schedule a demo now.