Sold Here Label Added to Google Local Pack

February 18, 2019

Sold Here Google Pack

Sold Here Label Added to Google Local Pack

Google recently added a sold here feature to Google ads increasing the likelihood of gaining more conversions.

Good For Local SMBs

Winning at the local level provides brand awareness and more complete consumer experience.

The new feature will prove to be useful for small to medium sizes businesses looking to optimize ROIs from digital marketing efforts.

If you happen to search for an item using Google it may show a newly added “sold here” label which should satisfy searcher's intent.

A blue checkmark will appear adjacent to the new label to signify that Google knows the item you are searching for can be purchased through specific results.

The sold here label added to the local pack results will appear in both desktop and mobile search engine results pages.

SERPs will direct you to local stores where Google is aware the product can be bought; to put this in perspective,

when I search “one-inch drill bits” in Google, it now shows a nearby Lowe’s as an option to buy from located in Seattle.

Currently, we have no idea how Google is enlisting products with the sold here label, there is no documentation from Google or anywhere for that matter.

Getting the label to appear for your businesses storefront inventory further optimizing your ROI is not a clear path at the moment, our guess is to optimize for Schema markup if you haven’t already.

Why Does This Matter?

Google adding the sold here label feature to local pack will directly benefit brands and companies looking to leverage the platform with their current marketing strategy directing target traffic to local inventories of storefronts based off of matched queries.

This creates a win-win situation for users looking to get information quickly on items in stock at a nearby store, and an opportunity for businesses to increase brand awareness and conversations at the local level.