Tales from DevHub's Partner Universe - Accessibility for Restaurants

September 28, 2020

Websites Aren't Accessible to People with Disabilities by Default Because it's Tough

Optimizing pages for screen readers and keyboard navigation is typically a daunting, manual, and resource-intensive task for all involved.

Here's how we did it for 95 restaurant location pages in an instant as part of our industry focus on Restaurants

Making Fast Food Accessible

Our partner, representing a major up-and-coming "fast casual" chain of restaurants known for its authentic experience, shared customer feedback that browsing the site was nearly impossible with a screen reader. Our partner then proceeded to "ask us" how long it would take to integrate this "great new tool for accessibility" that they found with our platform that's being used by the brand to enhance the online experience for each of their locations.

Enter accessiBe

For those that aren't familiar. accessiBe describes themselves as a "tool that uses AI and automation to make the process of web accessibility effortless. immediate. and affordable."

We're happy to report that they live up to the hype!

Integrating their brilliant service with our platform was a breeze and we were able to make 95 local pages ADA-compliant almost instantly.

Needless to say our partner was relieved, their client was happy, no craving went unsatisfied, and we got to deliver on our promise of powering quality customer experiences at scale.

Huge thanks and kudos to accessiBe for developing a really smart tool that solves such an important problem.