Technology Does Not Break Down People Break Down

October 18, 2016

DevHub Releases

Users = People

Technology companies today tend to call the people who use their product ‘users.’ In some cases that could be true. For us its different - from today on our ‘users’ will now be called people - because that is what makes a platform great - people!

At any given time there are hundreds of people logged into DevHub at our customers offices’ who are tasked with deploying analytics, swapping out creatives, adding new landing pages...etc.

The team behind DevHub back up/ support hundreds of people in 6 countries + 7 time zones on a daily basis.

“They are an extension of our product development, innovation and support teams,” says Daniel Rust co-Founder/ CTO of DevHub.

This people powered feedback loop allows DevHub to stay on the front lines with our customers customers and create thoughtful optimizations for workflow efficiencies, usability and conversions.

“We are constantly releasing new features, enhancing security measures, and maintaining a global network of digital experiences,” explains Rust.

Since July 2009 DevHub has 16k commits and 128 releases logged in github.

With 6.3 out now - current customers can take advantage of the many proxy improvements covered here.

But the best part of running DevHub is the people - each brings a unique spin to how the platform could be even better and how the digital experience they created is utilized as part of a larger ecosystem called DevHub.


Post originally appeared on LinkedIn - Oct 18, 2016